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    FMM (Frequently Made Mistakes in Staff Applications
    Official RageRaid Document

    Other important documents you are advised to read before applying for staff:

    This document is essentially a helping hand that will guide you throughout stages of your application. In particular, it will tell you exactly what not to do in your staff application. I’ll will try my best to keep this document updated regularly. Side note: I will not be stating what a ‘good’ answer would be as I have done this before and it has caused problems.

    In-depth Analysis: Q5-9
    General Application tips​

    Colour Guide:
    Red: Example of failure.
    Blue: Explanation of failure
    Green: Explanation on how the answer can be improved.

    In-depth Analysis: Q5-9

    We are specifically looking at questions 5-9, if a question is not looked at in this document it is either because the question is self-explanatory or it is a personal question such as “how old are you?”.

    Question 5:
    Why do you want to apply for staff on RageRaid?​

    I want Mod is to stop hackers. I hate hackers, They ruin the fun for everyone else by having lots of unfair advantages such as Kill aura Fly Hacks and regeneration.

    This could be translated to “I want to become staff because I want to do position tasks”.

    This is exceedingly general. In order for this to become a better answer you would need to include actual reasons to why you wish to become staff and then elaborate on it. It also helps if you check your answer more than once to fix mistakes like grammar etc. If you keep these small mistakes, it will cause the application processor to think that you are not taking this seriously enough (i.e. not putting enough effort).

    Because I dont see much staff and I’m not staff on any server so I can dedicate lots of time.

    This reason goes without saying. If you are applying for staff there are obviously positions open (hence there aren’t enough staff), this means you do not need to mention it.
    As I said before this reason is exceedingly general. You need a more in-depth reason, if you want to be accepted you need to show effort and to this you need to try to write a longer answer with valid points.

    Question 6: Skipped (Self Explanatory)

    Question 7:
    What skills do you feel you can bring to the server (staff wise)?​

    I can bring a smile to everyone's face. I am super nice and Love making people smile and laugh.

    This is a quality we do look for in staff members, however, in this answer we look for many other qualities like “Knowing how to screen share” (that is an example, remember do not lie as you could end up going through an interview process and potentially be tested on such thing)
    This question is a key question to getting your application accepted. Make sure you do not over emphasise points in this, as it will not make you look good. Also try and mention as many as you can, not just one. Do not feel afraid to go and ask or search or on online about help for this question. As everyone has to start somewhere.

    Question 8:
    Have you had any past staff experiences?​

    Yes, I have had years of staff experience on other servers and I have been owner of 2 servers. I have also been dev on almost all of the servers.

    Anyone can own a server, I have servers for testing plugins. Then this brings me to this point, different plugins will therefore mean different commands. You also fail to show what commands you actually know.
    This does not mean that this cannot be mentioned as someone who has owned a server has certainty got more experience than someone who has never owned one, but this is vague and shows low-effort. You should include what you know or learned from these experiences as it will show a lot more effort.
    So I have a ton of experience with servers. One I have owned many servers throughout the years all ranging from Factions to kit pvp to survival to Towny ECT. I have been staff on some servers not that many though because I usually own my own servers but I would have to watch players behavior and see what they were doing I would catch hackers I would configure new plugins and fix bugs to make the server a better place.

    Servers are all different. Many people also fail to grasp the idea that time does not always equal experience.
    Again, you can mention this but you also need mention what you have done on that server, i.e where the experience is coming from.

    Question 9:
    If someone reports a glitch to you they found in-game, what should you do?:​

    If I Had perms enough to deal with the bug I would do so straight away if not I would tell him to report it to an admin or on the forums because Most players Don't use forums and we're trying to push players into using forums.
    Most glitches cannot be fixed you and hence helper rank can’t solve. It defies the point of the question if it is a simple ‘glitch’ that can be solved by the rank. Also lets be honest if you found a glitch you would message an admin yourself as you will be able to pass the message along a lot quicker.
    This could be improved e.g. exploring on what you would do in multiple scenarios.

    General application tips:
    • Be specific, don’t be vague or unsure of your own estimates and this turn out to be case, you might as well not even state it.

    • Check your application multiple times before posting.

    • Don’t state the obvious

    • Don’t over emphasise your points.

    • Give evidence

    • Be honest
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